Reservations & Packages – OLD

We offer a range of options for table, lounge and even half or entire venue reservations. Please see below for further details, including drinks packages (these are optional but offer great value, especially for larger groups).


We have booths and lounges, all of which are available for reservations. The upstairs area is louder, with live music and DJs, while the downstairs area has more of a “lounge” feel, with lower volume music and our famous “JD Lounge”.

Single Booth

We have 6 booths, 3 upstairs and 3 downstairs, all of which are available for reservations. They all seat 6 people comfortably and 8 if you are “friendly”.

Minimum spend: No
Deposit required: No

Mulitple Booths

We can reserve multiple booths for larger groups. This is often the best option for groups of more than 10 people.

Minimum spend: Yes – £6 per person (prepaid)
Deposit required: No


We have 2 lounges – one upstairs (the NY Lounge) and one downstairs – our famous JD Lounge. Both lounges seat 10 people comfortably.

Minimum spend: Yes – £6 per person (prepaid)
Deposit required: No

Booth & Lounge

For larger groups, we can reserve a combination of a lounge and booths. This works better in the downstairs area, where the lounge and booths are adjacent to each other.

Minimum spend: Yes – £6 per person (prepaid)
Deposit required: No

Entire Downstairs Area

Our entire downstairs area, complete with its own bar, is available for large group reservations. There are a few different options for this, some of which require a minimum spend on the bar but please contact us to discuss this.

Minimum spend: Yes – Amount depends on options and whether weekday or weekend
Deposit required: Yes – 25% of minimum spend

Entire Venue

In certain circumstances, we do offer entire venue reservations. We are able to offer exclusivity until 11pm on a Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, after which the bar will be opened to the public. There is a minimum spend required for this type of reservation.

Minimum spend: Yes – £1500
Deposit required: Yes – 25% of minimum spend

Drinks Packages

The following offers are only available to customers with reservations. As with everything we do at Smokin’ Aces, we can cater our drinks packages to suit your needs. Below are some examples but please feel free to contact us if you’d like something a little different!

Bucket of Beers

A bucket of 5 beers on ice.

Price: From £15

Prosecco & Cocktails

A bottle of prosecco and as many glasses as you need, plus a round of cocktails.

Price: From £6 per head, plus £20

Spirits by the Bottle

Only available for groups of more than 6 people. A bottle of spirit, with unlimited gun mixers (Coke/Diet Coke/Lemonade) for the duration of the bottle.

Price: From £90