Tips: Best Bang for your Buck – Scotch

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Best Bang for your Buck – Scotch

Being a whisk(e)y bar, we are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting products. We do absolutely everything we can to ensure that we offer our customers some incredible spirits at sensible prices. Whenever possible, we try our hardest to source products that are not available on the highstreet but, occasionally, some spirits are just too good not to stock. We thought we’d list a few of our favourite, affordable, scotches. You should be able to find all of these in supermarkets and they are well worth a sip or two, especially this time of year! Enjoy…

Highland Park 12yo

Don’t be fooled by the fact that this is Highland Park’s “entry level” member of their range – this scotch is excellent. Citrus, honey and a subtle hint of smoke make this a much more interesting and complex whisky that the price level would suggest. One other thing to note is that it doesn’t seem to suffer from the lack of consistency that you occasionally witness with single malts. Highly recommended. You can pick it up in pretty much any supermarket and, if it’s on offer, don’t hesitate. They occasionally have crazy prices on this and we check every time we step in a supermarket!!

Price: Approx. £25

Glenfarclas 105

This cask strength offering from Glenfarclas absolutely bursts with sherry and nut flavours. Those not accustomed to cask strength whiskies might want to add a splash of water but we’d urge you to try it neat first – it’s stunningly good. This one is a bit harder to find but you do occasionally see it on the supermarket shelves. Definitely a house favourite here. If you can’t find it – the Glenfarclas 12yo is often in the supermarket, which is very good as well but the 105 is definitely the shining star in this range, especially in terms of value for money.

Price: Approx. £45

Glenfiddich 15yo Distillery Edition

Another supermarket steal! This is often on offer and priced down to around £40. To be honest, it’s an absolute bargain at full price. Bottled at 51%, this is not to be confused with the Glenfiddich 15yo Solera, which is also good but nowhere near the Distillery Edition. Full of dark fruit and sherry flavours and with a long finish that will leave you wanting more. And more. And more. A brilliant buy and, if we’re not mistaken, this is the most “awarded” scotch in history. Sometimes that means nothing. Here it does ;).

Price: Approx. £45

Honourable Mentions

We ummed and ahhhhed – these ones VERY nearly made the top three…

Laphroaig 10yo, Laphroaig Quarter Cask, Springbank 10yo, Ardbeg Uigeadail, Lagavulin 16yo, Glenfarclas 15yo, Tomintoul 12yo.

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