We stock a huge range of premium and super-premium products at Smokin’ Aces and we make every effort to ensure that our customers are able to try some incredible beers, spirits and cocktails at sensible prices.

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting products and our range changes on a weekly basis. For that reason, it would be completely impossible for us to provide a comprehensive price list. We do, however, have a whiskey list (complete with a few Old Fashioned suggestions and boilermakers), which has won the 2017 UK Whisky List of the Year. Feel free to download it in .pdf format below…

In order to give you an idea of prices, please see the examples below:

  • Pint of draught lager – from £3.80
  • Bottled lager – from £3.90
  • Pint of draught cider – from £4.00
  • Single/Double house spirit & mixer – £4.00/£6.00 (excluding bottled mixers)
  • Single/Double house gin and tonic – £4.50/£6.50
  • Small/Medium/Large Wine – £4.00/£5.00/£6.00
  • Cocktails – from £7.00

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.