News: What we’ve been up to in May

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What We’ve Been Up To In May

(Just in case you care)

Whiskey List

May saw the launch of our first ever whiskey list at Smokin’ Aces. It took a VERY long time to produce but the response has been absolutely phenomenal – beyond our wildest dreams, with whiskey (and whisky) sales approximately tripling! There’s a list of Old Fashioned suggestions as well, which has also been incredibly popular (we sold over 100 Old Fashioneds last weekend). If you haven’t checked it out yet, come in and try some of the best whiskies in the world. The full list can also be seen here.

Whiskey Training

We were lucky enough to host whiskey masterclasses for both Cellar Trends and Marussia. Both training sessions were massively informative and HUGE thanks must go out to Scott Paine (Marussia) and Ian Robinson (Cellar Trends) for their help and endless knowledge on all things whiskey. Both companies look after some incredible brands and it was great to learn more about the ranges.

South Coast Antisocial Club

May also saw our weekly South Coast Antisocial Club kick off. Every Sunday, we focus on 3 products and create cocktails to showcase them. These cocktails are sold for £4 each and come complete with a playing card, with the cocktail spec and some information on the main spirits. Further discounts and dodgy company each Sunday!

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