How To… Make Butterscotch & Chai syrup

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Welcome to the first of our "How to..." posts, where we will telling you how to make some of the Smokin' Aces cocktails and ingredients. First up is...


Recipe by: Luke

This has been used in a few cocktails over the years. Easy to make and it tastes incredible. Its most popular use is in the iced Irish Coffee named "Don't Fuck With Joe", which we'll show you how to make at the end...

So, first the ingredients:

  • 3 packs Werther's Originals (the hard kind, not the soft ones)
  • 5 quality chai teabags - we use Taylors of Harrowgate Classic Chai. Do NOT use Tea Pigs - it's almost completely tasteless - you need something bold, not delicate
  • 5 cups filtered water

Ok, so we know that Werther's Originals are no longer classed as "butterscotch" but come on... Close enough. Also, please note that they are vegetarian, but not vegan, since they use dairy products.

Firstly, prepare your Werther's Originals... Pour some into a clean dish towel (or similar), grab a rolling pin and whack them until they are broken into pieces. Put these broken pieces into a sturdy food blender.

Blitz the Werther's Originals until they are almost dust - you want them as fine as possible (think caster sugar consistency) because it's going to make your life much easier later...

Boil your 5 cups of filtered water in a kettle, then pour into a small pot and place on the hob. Keep the water JUST below boiling and add the 5 chai teabags. Leave the teabags in for 5 minutes (or a little more), stirring gently every minute or so. Then remove the teabags - do NOT squeeze them. Remember, it's important to keep the water as hot as possible (without boiling it) for the entire 5 minutes.

Measure how much butterscotch dust you have. This is VERY important and we want volume, not weight, so... Tip the butterscotch dust into a measuring jug and note how much there is - this works best in ml...

Once you have the volume of butterscotch dust, you will need to measure out half that amount in the brewed chai tea. For example, if you had 600ml of butterscotch dust, you will need to measure 300ml of the chai tea. We should have made more than enough chai tea, so you'll have a bit left to drink.

Add the chai tea (300ml in the example above) to a pan and place on the hob. Heat until it is JUST beginning to simmer and very very very very very VERY slowly add the butterscotch dust as you stir. If you do not add it slowly, you will create one MASSIVE, solid Werthers Original which will take approximately the rest of your life to dissolve. Keep stirring continuously as you add the dust. If you notice any lumps, stop adding the butterscotch immediately and stir until they dissolve. You should be left with a smooth syrup that smells incredible.

Allow the syrup to cool a little. It will thicken as it cools. If it becomes too thick, heat it slightly again and add more chai tea. It should be about the same texture as agave nectar, or a relatively runny honey. Taste it too - it should taste like liquid Werthers Originals, with the cinnamon and spice from the chai backing it up to add a bit of complexity.

Store the syrup in the fridge until it is ready to use - it should last around 3 weeks.

OPTIONAL: Add 50ml of high-abv vodka - this will prolong the shelf life slightly but it's not necessary.

Now... Onto a cocktail that uses it:


Recipe by: Luke

This cocktail is a cooler, summer twist on an Irish Coffee - essentially an Iced Irish Coffee. Try it downstairs at Smokin' Aces at the weekend, or make it at home and think of us.


  • 50ml Jameson Caskmates - Stout
  • 25ml freshly brewed espresso (buy an espresso pot that you stick on the hob at home - they are awesome)
  • 15ml butterscotch & chai syrup
  • 10ml Full fat milk
  • 10ml Double cream
  • Nutmeg

Add the whiskey, espresso and butterscotch & chai syrup to a shaker with ice. Shake HARD until the shaker is frosty.

Double strain this into a large rocks glass, over cubed ice.

Quickly (but thoroughly) wash your shaker, then add 10ml of milk and 10ml of cream WITHOUT ice. Shake hard for 20 seconds or so, then pour over the surface of your drink. It should form a separate layer. Grate a little nutmeg over the surface of the drink.

Drink it. Responsibly of course.

If you want to make it a little more boozy, adding 15ml of Borghetti coffee liqueur makes it slightly sweeter and boozier.

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